Ever since we saw photographs of Torres de Paine, we've wanted to visit Patagonia. Little did we know of the other things which makeup the southern part of South America.

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You can see photos from our trip here.

Buenos Aires

A vibrant modern city with all the good and bad which attends large urban areas. The outlying areas in the river delta were a surprise, with lovely homes nestled along the river bank.


A mountain resort area featuring massive lakes offering spectacular views.

Puerto Varas

A Chilean resort town filled with local and foreign tourists at the edge of an enormous lake flanked by two volcanoes.


A large island on the southern coast of Chile; somewhat isolated since access is by ferry - for the moment. There seems to be a distinct sub-culture here in which the locals take pride. And this culture may be in danger of dilution when a bridge to the mainland will provide easy access to and from the island.

Punta Arenas

A large isolated city on the Strait of Magellan, Punta Arenas is the gateway to Torres de Paine National Park.

Torres de Paine

A beautiful mountain range adjacent to the Andes. Lago Grey is the terminus of Grey Glacier and offers a beautiful foreground to the "Towers of Blue", icons of the park.

El Calafate

This tourist town is short drive from the spectacular Perito Moreno glacier.

Puerto Iguazu

A small town near the borders of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil; downstream from the incomparable Iguazú Falls.