Red was our Jindo mix pet for almost ten years. We adopted him from Hopalong Animal Rescue in February 2003.

RedWe lost Red our Jindo/Akita mix mutt on June 12, 2012. He was able, however to leave us one last message:
Dear Hug-Nut and Camera-Boy,

I'm more of a reader than a writer, but I have written a few great ones in my day. Camera-boy here is translating for me because I'm just no good with words.

You two have been great for the most part; a bed in the kitchen would have been a nice touch, but it's a small thing. Now that I'm leaving, I thought there were a few things you should know.

  1. The bread in the closet; that was MY earthquake kit and I just didn't want it to get mixed up with your stuff.
  2. The turkey breast; I thought it was a cat at first, but then when I realized what it was I knew I'd be in trouble if I ate it, so I just left it on the floor - like it fell off the counter and rolled there.
  3. You should get a bigger bed.
  4. I've been searching for Veronica. I first read about her at neighbor-boy's, who has the best local news around, everyone stops by to check-in: Veronica, skunks, chickens you name it. If they are from the hood they're writing at neighbor-boy's tree. Anyway, I've never met Veronica, but we've corresponded for years and just could never get our schedules to matchup.
  5. What's with you two pooping in a closet? My trick is to find a soft spot with a decent view and with something to read from friends, not like that ball-obsessed moron Stanley who hides in the bushes to poop - what's that all about?
  6. Truck-lady has been great; our reading group has covered a lot of ground these last few years although lately I've only been interested in reading Veronica's mail. We've done our share of creative writing too. The Bowl has several masterpieces written by our group; and the feedback has been very encourging.
  7. You two should learn how to walk. Hug-nut, you are too fast; I have to speed read, and what's with the "come NOW" and "don't forget to write"? I AM writing! Camera-boy, you're too slow; I'm re-reading stuff by the time you get moving.
  8. Trekker-girl must get fed by the mile because her trips are like a Russian epic; and I'm often wondering if I'm ever going to see my bed again. And what's with that mouse thingy that tags along?
  9. Clipper-guy is cool. He has the best international clientele and there's always something interesting to read there, although we never stay long enough to get to the really good stuff. Last visit there was a message from Veronica that I just had to answer; Clipper-guy says everyone wants to reply to Veronica.
  10. Finally, just so you know, there's no hard feelings toward Nancy - she's just a bitch.
Thinking of you two,