The heart of any Cable-Cutting project is a system to view and record local TV stations. The Tablo Quad OTA (Over-The-Air) DVR (Digital-Video-Recorder) is an excellent piece of technology for this task. It can tune-in four broadcast stations simultaneously (record three and watch one live.) Recordings are stored on an internal or connected hard drive of your choosing; I selected an internal 1TB solid-state drive.

The advantages of this system are:

  1. High-quality recording/playback
  2. DVR can be physically located anywhere on your network (near the HD OTA antenna). It supports wired and wireless connectivity.
  3. Commercial skip is available for many programs.
  4. Playback on several network devices simultaneously (smart TV, Roku, Fire, Android, iOS, computer.)
  5. Inexpensive channel guide subscription $5/month or $50/year or $150/lifetime
  6. Flexible recording options, e.g. number of shows to keep (newscasts=1, dramas=all), record all episodes (new, old, no-duplicates)

One thing to note: the picture quality from OTA broadcasts is FAR superior to any quality available on cable or satellite, so you're in for a treat as far as picture quality goes.

You can find out more here.