Cutting Cable TV

I've been using AT&T U-verse for many years now and I realized that it is entirely feasible to reduce overall media costs by eliminating that expense. Here is a summary of existing costs and expenses:

Cost Comparison
Cost Comparison

It appears I can realize a savings of $1,776/year after an investment of $480 (I ended-up reusing my previous modem and my Rokus.)

  • The green section includes all base services/devices needed in any scenario;
  • the pink section is the cost of U-verse 200; and
  • the blue section summarizes post-cable expenses; and
  • the yellow section summarizes savings.

We watch a lot of Netflix and Prime Video. We subscribed to HBO for The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, and Game of Thrones which are over. We also found that 90% of cable shows we watched were also available Over-the-Air, except Justified which is over. The Tennis Channel wants $100/year but ESPN+ has good coverage for $5/month.