Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera

Reolink Argus
Reolink Argus

I like the idea of a completely wire-free camera; I don't like the idea of constantly changing batteries. The Reolink Argus is a good compromise plus it is weatherproof.

I use these for specific tasks. In other words, I don't operate them all the time. I place them around the house while I'm on vacation, or I place them when I want to monitor a specific place for a short period.

The cameras have full HD (1920x1080) resolution and they have built-in motion detection using PIR (passive infrared) which means that it wont work through a window. You don't need any other hub to connect the cameras, only a WiFi access point is needed. The magnetic mount makes pointing the lens very easy; and there is a conventional wall-mount in the package as well.

You use a smartphone to configure and operate the cameras, including two-way audio to shoo away those burglars. Captured video is stored in the camera on a microSD card that you have to provide. Perhaps the biggest negative is that they don't operate with any home automation system such as SmartThings, Wink or Vera.

Netgear makes a wireless camera system that requires a separate hub that attaches to your router, but it is lower resolution (720p) and has no audio support. But it will integrate with SmartThings, and Alexa.  Blink makes a wireless camera that looks very promising - more later.