Welcome to our family site. Sylvia and I use this to update our friends on our activities.

Southern Africa

It has been a long-held desire to visit southern Africa to view unconstrained wildlife, which was fulfilled by our Ultimate Africa trip with Overseas Adventure Travel. We started out in Johannesburg, then traveled to Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and finally back to South Africa. We enjoyed almost every aspect of this trip, except for the long transfers between the US and South Africa and some of the epic transfers between bush camps.

You can see photos of our trip here.

Costa Rica

Now that retirement is upon us, we want to ramp up our travels around the world. We've done the Europe thing already so now it's off to Costa Rica on a people-to-people tour. Normally we consume a country and leave nothing in our wake; now we want to meet the local people and understand their outlook toward the world and life. 

You can see our photographs here

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